For over 15 years I was the owner of  a successful Brand Agency in Denver, Colorado called Anabliss Design.

I worked alongside a team of highly-skilled employees supporting marketing and branding communications for large, national brands as well as many of Denver's most reputable organizations.

Under my management, our agency was responsible for developing and unveiling new branding initiatives for global, national and regional organizations as well as supporting ongoing branded communications. Our creative solutions, which included everything from identity design, business collateral, marketing campaigns and website development were frequently published alongside some of the largest and most well-respected agencies in the nation.

Although our creative work was highly esteemed, it was our strategic thinking that set us apart – the work behind the scenes that re-aligned businesses, united teams and provided a new sense of clarity for the business' in the marketplace. 

In 2013, I transitioned out of the fast-paced agency world and relocated with my wife and four children to Honolulu, Hawaii. I now provide director-level, brand and business consulting services to companies who desire to elevate the value of their brand through strategic, well-executed design and thoughtful marketing initiatives.

Select Awards and Features:

  • Inducted into the Art Institute Hall of Fame
  • Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler
  • AIGA Point Magazine
  • Print's Best Letterheads & Business Cards 6
  • Prints's Regional Design Annual
  • Logo Lounge
  • AIGA's Best Student Portfolio (Colorado)
  • Logo Lounge Master Library